Each girl meeting the basic criteria, symphatic, outgoing has very good chance to be successful.

At this moment there were only a few open positions for males, and it looks they are filled for now.

Once you meet basic criteria we send you an invitation with all details.

Yes,sure, we will advise you how to be dressed, what airline expects etc.

For successful girls it might be along day. We start with presentation of Gulf air. After few rounds of interviewfollows. Grooming, English test, face to face interview. After each round Gulf air will evaluates results and only girls who passed the round go further.

If you really want to be cabin crew and you count with success, please reserve the whole day.

If you are in final round you have the best chance to be hired. Final results you will know immediately or latest few days after recruitment. 

Signing of contracts, medical check, visa process will follow.

Yes, sure, we will be available for you. You will be receiving all the information, including the flight ticket before departure. 

Usually 2 months.

It is July, August. Even if you are available to start later, you can apply now.


Sure, they are welcome to come and visit. They even can stay with you in your accommodation. 

It is Gulf air.

Yes, you will have to pass basic medical and drug test upon signing the offer which is a condition for receiving visa. You will have all information on time.

Representative of Gulf Air will be waiting for you and other girls at the airport and will take you on accommodation. You will have all information about the start of training on time.

Training usually startat 8am and takes around 6-8 hours daily and is divided in 2 parts. The first parincludes customer service. Second part is about safety and emergency procedures, first aid (emergency landing, emergency landing on water, crashes, fire on board etc).During training you will be tested (written exams and practical part).

It is Gulf air who pays this professional training. For you it is FREE.


Basic salary during training (approx. 750€), you will receive it on the first day of training. Accommodation is for free, plus you will get food allowance.

You have free, fully furnished sharing accommodation (own bedroom and bathroom) with pool and the gym in the building.

Free health care and insurance.



benefits (Depends where you make a change but in € it is 1700-2100).

Accommodation and transport is provided for free. You can save for example 1000€per month like our ambassador Monika. This of course depends how much you travel, how much you spend at the restaurants, for clothes,cosmetics and your private life. 

Yes, for free. Also, you can use the laundry service paid by Gulf Air.

Every steward get a plan for 28 days, when and where you will fly. You will have 8 free days per month. 


36 days of holiday per year.


The contract is for one year renewable which is related to visa validity . If you are happy of course you can stay in the Gulf Air longer.

Yes, discounts tickets for cabin crew ant their family members. Just to remind joining ticket is for free.

Shops at the airports.

You have very good opportunity to make career if you wish. No limits to become a senior cabin crew, or later colleague on HR or marketing department. Some of the girls also become the face of Formula 1 Grand Prix Bahrain, where is Gulf Air as main sponsor. 


Bahrainis generally a safe destination. Our cabin crew already living in Bahrain feels really good and secured.

Bahrain is known to offer a high quality of life and was ranked among TOP FIVE countries worldwide. Bahrain is considered to be a liberal state. 

The average overall cost of living in Bahrain is cheaper than in most Middle East countries, such as the UAE and Kuwait. In general, the country is very affordable for expats. Most of our cabin crew is having a much higher standard of living like in home country. 

You have many opportunities, swim, goto the gym, go to the bar,disco. Just take the opportunity to explore the miracles of Bahrain.


Friendly Bahrain is The Las Vegas of the Arab World. Because of its vibrant nightlife,cheap hotels and tolerant attitude towards alcohol. 

We do have as well ambassadors, sharing experience with new candidates. You can see their stories and pictures.


Gulf Air is really investing a lot in to your training, flight ticket, accommodation. You only need to make a psychometric evaluation after the acceptionon your cost. You will have all information on time, once you decide to apply.

The test shall be taken upon signing the offer from computer or laptop at home. The link to start the test will be sent to the candidate’s email address and one cannot fail the test.

Gulf Air, the national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, commenced operations in 1950, becoming one of the first commercial airlines established in the Middle East.

Gulf Air treats their colleagues like family. Gulf Air offers highly attractive remuneration packages, including a full range of generous benefits. Mentioned benefits are just a part of Gulf Air scommitment to their cabin crew. Evidence of staff success and peace of mind is so important to Gulf Air.

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